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Have you always had an itch to get into the business of producing, recording, or writing content for the more popular aspects of the technology department through the video medium? If so, you’ll be lucky to know that there is quite a wide and loyal demographic that caters to these very specific form of informing, and entertaining one’s self. Whether you are looking to make, or watch, either informative, creative or entertaining content that revolves around the various tutorials, instructions or analysis of various novelties that enter the technology scene you can most definitely find something that is for you. Even if your budget isn’t the greatest thing in the world but would like to entertain the idea of stepping into the world of content creation on this topic, why not, instead of heading in the directions of novelties or catering to the most expensive tastes, head in a different direction, the opposite in fact. Why not explore the various realms of low budget, or even old school technology that you can find and put together at your own discretion and provide a very interesting and atypical type of content, sometimes simply thinking outside of the box and being different is a better step to success than trying to emulate high levels of production that you simply cannot deliver on fully. Better to find an equally informative and entertaining level of content where, if you do not possess the production level, being that you are unique on the market, you will be able to provide a unique product to the market.


Prime example of success

One of the most popular tech video entrepreneurs, and one of my definite favorite’s is a mogul by the name of Linus Tech. He had started providing as many informative and entertaining videos on various hardware novelties as he could get his hands on and providing vastly insightful and unbiased information on the very things that consumers like us might be interested in buying. His uncompromising fact based opinions as well as his obvious love for what he does and the service he provides have earned him endless love and respect from his audience, and as such he now gets first pick on the various tech that gets released to the market, and companies sponsor him with their gear because if they are happy with their product and think it is truly worth the quality, they want him to in his unbiased manner carry over that information to the consumers, increasing their chances at a successfully marketed product.

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