Top Technology gifts for the start of 2017

Amazon EchoEveryone loves getting gifts of the technological nature these days, because rarely are things more useful than that, as such we’ve taken a look over the many newest and shiniest gadgets that have been recently released and have compiled a list of the best new toys you could get your friends, family or miscellaneous loved ones. Regardless of what you might think would be a good fit we’ve made sure to offer you a bit of everything and are certain that you’ll find the right gift right here and now on this list:

  1. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker – If whomever you’re shopping for is a fitness freak then this gift will be something they will love you forever for, or at least until a newer shinier model comes out! This thing is a monster and a many in one type deal, it can track your workouts, calories, heart rate and much more. One of the more interesting things it offers is that it can monitor how long you’ve been sleeping, as well as the screen can give you your texts and calls with a quick glance when you’re working out.
  2. Amazon Echo – Is the person you’re getting a gift fore into having a little virtual helper that will do his bidding at the sound of his voice. This is about as close as we can get to having that super computer at our beck and call feel from all those sci-fi movies. Find out any tiny tidbits of information you could possibly care about at the time, weather, time, date, how your favorite celebrity is doing and much more.
  3. Samsung VR Headset – We’ve finally entered the world of virtual reality, and as such I think it’s time that your gaming friends get this amazing gift from you. If you ever see them again after putting on that thing on their heads they’ll probably be sure to tell you what a wonderful thing you’ve gotten them.
  4. VicTsing Shower Speaker – For your more musically oriented friends you should get this little bluetooth wonder, but be careful, they’ll be able to take their music and keep it decently loud where ever they might chose to go, so you better pray that they confine it only in the shower where it’s decently socially acceptable to do that!

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