Technological advancements made during World War One

Some of the biggest technological advancements made by man were made for, because, or even have lead to- war. As such it is an important foot note in our collective history, and we will bring you some of the novelties of technological tinkering that have made World War One as devastating as it was.

World War One tanks

  1. Tanks – That’s right, before WWI tanks were a thing of perhaps someone’s wild dreams, the reason they would be laughed out of a tavern for their crazy drunken ideas. After the automobile was presented for the first time in the 1900s, it was no long shot to assume that the military would look for a military repurposing of such an advancement, and it most definitely succeeded. Reinforcing the casing of the car to withstand explosions and bullet fire, mounting either automatic guns or grenade launchers of sorts for that extra explosive damage delivery, it quickly became every General’s weapon of choice. In 1915 the British Mark I was constructed and it first saw its debut on the battlefield at the Somme in September the following year.
  2. Flamethrowers – Even though even in older history the Chinese as well as the Byzantines used contraptions that would in some way shape or form hurl flaming material, the modern flamethrower took a while to find a functioning and cost effective form of existence. The Germans were the first to build a viable one and it was first tested out in 1911, seeing its true power and potential during the trench warfare.
  3. Poison gas – During the great war poisonous gases were used on both sides, usually leading to quite damaging results. The Germans were actually the ones that popularized the use of such weaponry during one of their actions on the Russians during the Battle of Bolimov, however, unfortunately for the Germans, the very low temperatures of Russia had frozen these technological novelties of warfare and they never released their payload out of their containers. The first actually successful use of the newly found chemical warfare occurred in the year 1915 around Ypres where the Germans used chlorine gas to make the French allied forces run in retreat.

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