Free PSN Codes and How You can Get Them

PSN is a code that has twelve numbers, and it can unlock content on PlayStation Network. You can unlock games, movies, DLCs and other things through the use of PSN vouchers. This system is created to make it easier and more affordable to purchase contact for the PlayStation.

Two types of PSN codes exist, one that unlocks only specific content and the other that comes in the form of virtual currency. Free PSN codes are of the former type and thus you can use them to unlock whatever you want, as long as you match the value of the desired content.

Where to get free PSN codes

A couple of legitimate sites give you a chance to earn PSN codes. The huge majority of sites that give away these codes for free are phishing sites that are after your money and bank information. Those places don’t deserve our attention, and thus we won’t speak about them. No, we will tell you how to get (earn) PSN codes. You will get them from sites that don’t require any payment. You will have to invest some time into the generation of the credits that will get you PSN codes.


We recommend three sites that will reward your effort. They are Apptrailers, Rewards1, and Points2Shop. All three of these websites offer one or more ways to generate free PSN code. The initial offer they all have is watching trailers and other videos. You just have to watch a video or a trailer, and you will get points that you can turn into PSN codes. You don’t have to do anything but watch them.

Some of them offer alternative ways to earn those credits. Completing surveys is one of those alternatives. There is no wrong answer in a survey as they are there for clients to evaluate the site and its services. This benefits both parties. The site gains valuable data that they can use to improve various aspects of their service and the client gains credits that they can use to purchase products on PlayStation Network.

How to activate a PSN code

Activation of the free PSN vouchers is same as activation of paid codes. The only difference between these two is that free PSN codes always give you credits while paid codes can sometimes unlock specific games, DLC or other content.

You should head to the PlayStation Store when you get a PSN voucher and choose to redeem it. You have to enter the unique code, and only then you will get credits that will give you credits for free use, or they will unlock content they advertised.

Easy way to buy content on PlayStation

This is the only way to get free content on PlayStation, and thus it’s important to find legitimate sites and work with them. They will require your attention, and you will have to spend some time on watching videos and completing various tasks. DO that, and you will save some money by doing this.


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