Technology invented a long time ago

There are all sorts of gadgets and technological advancements that have been envisioned and even conceptualized long before their actual modern day releases and re-machinations. Some of these will baffle you that a mind not of the modern day and age inclinations have managed to think of such concepts, but here we are, and all of the following are true backed up facts.

The mastermind behind today’s brilliance

Nikola Tesla was actually one of the first people that has spoken and even tried to design such contraptions that we now a days call cell phones and smart phones. He was the one that first tried to design wireless transmission of information and energy, but was not able to complete it during his time. Samsung, Apple, and many if not all the others have heavily borrowed and copied out of his patents in order to bring you the products that you use in today’s day and age.
Wireless phone charging was also envisioned by the same guy, even in his time his mind was so great that he had started to try to think of ways to transfer electrical energy wirelessly and only in today’s day are we finally getting around to finally fulfilling some of his dreams from back in the day. To think what he could have actually achieved with all of the tools that we have at our disposal in today’s and age, that he actually by proxy had given us with his important work in the olden days!

Ever heard of Drones? If so it’s another thing that old Tesla managed to imagine in his brilliant and creative mind in that time. In the year 1890 or so he managed to build a radio controlled little boat that would react to the signals that would come from miles away, where he would be handling the controls, nowhere near the actual boat was at the time.

Nikola TeslaIt so happens that very time, history doesn’t offer you the objectively true answer as to who truly brought to you the technologies and other things that are found today. It provides you with an easy answer, because of both pragmatic reasons as well as general imperfection of the system by which it judges what is right or wrong. It would be both impractical and impossible to asses all the information in the world and find out who could have created similar types of gadgets and experiments in different times in history and give you a full and accurate list on all this, as such there could be the next great thing already constructed by someone today to be noticed only a century later, and other such occurrences.

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