Consider latest trends on social media when creating online marketing campaign

Although from the user’s point of view a lot has been going on social media over the last few years, the fact is that most social media, Facebook as the most influential particularly, became rather predictable. Except for few innovations mostly in the field of design and appearance, few changes in user-friendly interface and slight changes in demographic characteristics on each social media, most other aspects are more or less the same. The same advantages or risks and problems still come attached with the same social media as before.

If considering the construction of your company’s online visual identity and cyber advertising campaign, misled by this false impression of calm and stagnation, you might easily overlook some of the upcoming trends on the social media that will dominate in the future and influence business advertising a big time too. Here’s a list of some of these trends that are already in progress or being expected any time to appear. Consider them carefully when designing advertising strategies to avoid ending up outdated easily in the future.

Video material – new challenge for marketers

Video presentations are the future dominating feature on all social media. Pinterest had it integrated into the basic platform all along the way, while other social media are introducing it in various manners. Snapchat implemented Live Stories, and there’s a great controversy about Facebook “all video” strategy announced recently since it resembles Snapchat’s application too much. Twitter has implemented live streaming via Periscope, and all of these social networks are experimenting with video application widely exploring the most attractive manner of implementation that would bring them significant domination with this innovation. Either way, no marketing strategy for business advertising in the future will survive competition without video promotions.

Chatbots for improved customer service

Another innovation under construction on several social networks is the introduction of chatbots designed to improve customer service significantly. Facebook Messenger is a prototype of it, but still developing and the leading aim is to reduce average response time, answer frequently asked questions, reply to customer instantly providing valid information and to generally speed up and improve the efficiency of the service interaction with clients.

Domination of the sponsored content

All the social platforms have always been trying to improve the content their users see while scrolling and to find a way to adjust that content to the interests of a given user as much as possible. This presentation of the so called organic content makes it easier to design news feed content centered around customers preferences, but on the other hand, makes it harder for companies to advertise in this manner.

The expected trend on social media is full domination of the paid content over the organic and implementation of complex algorithms that will design effective combination of the content of interest to a user and sponsored content to make clients’ money pay off. This change goes along with focusing on business features and analytics within most social media and providing a richer collection of business tools and options shortly.

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