Which technologies have shaped human kind

There are certain technological advancements and gadgets that have simply impacted the very vision of reality we live in today. Some things have simply taken the world by storm and have caused society as a whole to turn a complete 180 in terms of how it functions, approaches problems, and simply just exists. We’ll be going over some of the most prominent gadgets that have shaped our species in today’s day and age:

Smart Phones

Smart PhonesWhilst ever since just cell phones have entered the scene and became available to a wider consumer base, they have been an important part of our history, truly the level of information and service we are able to get in just the palm of our hands with current day’s smart phones is something completely different. These days whether you require any information, guidance, or service all that you need to do is put your hand in your pocket and bring up all the possible answers to whatever query you might have at the time. It is my firm belief that based simply on this free availability on information in every moment education as well as various other aspects of currently established society need to be completely revamped and reconstructed.

Smart Phone Ultrasound

Another perfect example of how both the smart phone has influenced both general society as well as availability to even some of the more complex technologies to be more widespread and accessible. Microsoft has with a 100.000$ grant managed to help with the construction of a USB Ultra-sound device to integrate with a smart phone and its respective software. A pocket ultra sound, who would have thought?

Smart Whiteboard

SmartBoardVarious technological advancement have improved various aspects in the educational sector, which makes sense. The simple factor of information being a lot easier to access to anyone with a smart phone is enough, but beyond that, there are various small apps and gadgets that have reinvented the classroom as we once knew it. Take for example the Smart Whiteboard, nothing more than a much bigger touch smart phone with apps specifically designed to help with classroom situations. Whether it is drawing diagrams, portraying events or videos, dynamic animations to help with understanding various not so easy to grasp concepts, you name it, it has it, and as such our kids will be learning on a much higher level at a much younger age.

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