Technology, a double edged sword

One of the more popular topics that happens to cross most people’s minds most commonly is whether technology can be equally detrimental as it is useful to the human race as a whole. And while there truly is no objective answer to whether that is true there are certain concepts that might be fun to entertain with a bit of thought. Because while the evolution technology comes from the most evolved humans in terms of creativity and intellect, the general consumers are very often not as intelligent, which can and very often does lead to misuse, and various forms of damage, be it accidental or a misuse of the said technology or a purposeful one it can lead to negative side effects to having access to technology that humanity as a whole might not be prepared for. As such it’s important to note that while technology might evolve at a fast pace, that humanity simply is not evolving at the same rate, which beckons the question will in an, indirect, and more so with our own fault, that bring to some greater demise, or eventually outweigh the pros with the cons. While I sincerely doubt it, it is one of those things that offers itself as a possible future, but we simply cannot know until it comes to a point where we can clearly see whether humanity as whole chose to walk down that road.

Maybe Hollywood got something right

Another one of these scenarios might include that it won’t be humanities lack of evolution that brings the downfall, meaning that it will be not our lack of intelligence, but perhaps the abundance of it that creates something so great and destructive, that we were too blinded by its potential to see its lack of accountability. You might remember a little something like an atom bomb, which was initially created and theorized as a source of abundant and cheap power, but people chose to rather use it in military purposes, and bring an end to many people that were hit by such an invention.
But perhaps next time it won’t be something as obvious as a type of weapon, perhaps our own desire to rid ourselves of the menial tasks and we finally create AI machines that will be multipurpose problem solvers, but what happens if in our arrogance and laziness they lead to an outcome that you might be familiar with from, well, just about any triple A Hollywood blockbuster on the topic ever.

AI machines

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