Technologies that distract us and make us procrastinate

I think we all know that in today’s day and age over saturation with information and having entertainment in various forms at our fingertips at all times makes it truly hard for us to focus on the things that we actually should be focusing on. As such, while such advancements have been made super accessible it really exists as a test of our own resolve, because great as it is to relax with these things after a hard day’s work, it is also not good to have them distract us at all points in time during the day. So let’s name some of these things that end up having such a toll on our willpowers on a daily basis.

Portable Gaming Devices

I remember the good old days when the only form of gaming was accessible at our homes on our costly and rather big gaming systems, be they consoles attached to 20kg televisions or gigantic PCs that were almost as big as our table at least. But now, not only can we fit entire small computers into our pockets, but gaming consoles have been made portable as well, made specifically to give easy access to all sorts of engaging and beautiful gaming content to everyone with a few bucks to spend. Truly it is a dark age for the average procrastinator with all of these forms of entertainment and time waster in the palm of his hand.

Portable Music Devices

From our smart phones, to iPods, MP4/MP3 players and countless streaming platforms that can play you all sorts of music with just one click it truly gives us the possibility to never be in silence again. While it can be productive to have something distract us from the white noise of the world and it might even increase productivity in certain cases, it also tires us out quicker, and then once we can’t focus any more on the task at hand it becomes a lot easier for our minds to drift into the beats, melodies and compositions that we know and love and not have to focus on the tedious task at hand.

Portable Music Devices

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